100 Masters of Wine on Twitter you really should be following

Posted by Simon Collins

Twitter is the digital water-cooler of the 21st century. It’s where we all go to catch-up, get the gossip, and interact with friends and celebrities. Its transformed society by levelling the playing field and giving everyone a voice.

“Twitter’s impact can’t be measured. But it’s the pulse of the planet”

VP of communications Drew Olanoff.

But Twitter can also be an overwhelming, sometimes intimidating place. What should you say? And who do you follow? With 326 million active users, it’s tough to cut the wheat from the chaff and find the people who love the same things as you.

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg-work for you. As fellow wine-lovers, we’ve collected 100 Twitter accounts that, as wine-lovers like us, you must be following. They’re all Masters of Wine – the qualified experts of the wine world.

“Masters of wine have proven their understanding of all aspects of wine by passing the Master of Wine (MW) examination, recognised worldwide for its rigour and high standards.”

We’ve copied in their bios from Twitter, and then grouped them into four sections:

  • Writers
  • Educators
  • Directors and consultants
  • Winemakers and professionals

So here they are – 100 Twitter accounts that every wine-lover worth their salt should be following.

Masters of Wine – Writers

1. Mary Ewing-Mulligan @memmw

Wine for Dummies author, Ashtanga yoga devotee, cat lover.

2. Sarah Jane Evans @SJEvansMW

Master of Wine, writer, speaker, wine judge. Latest book: The Wines of Northern Spain.

3. Jane Skilton @janeskiltonmw

Wine review writer.

4. J Simmonetti-Bryan @JediWineMaster

4th Woman in US to earn @MastersofWine title. Founder, http://Masterwineonline.com Author of The Great Courses.

5. Susan Hulme @SusanHulmeMW

Italian wine expert. Master of Wine, seminars, tastings, wine writing, judging, training & consultancy. Lived in Sicily, Bari, Naples.

6. Sandra Clement @BirdsWithBottle

Wine presenter and writer. Professional foodie. Loves gin, loves cheese. Aspiring novelist.

7. Martin Moran @thegargleguru

Dublin based Master of Wine. ‘I gargle and spit so you don’t need to.’ Writes in the Sunday Times. Talks on Moncrieff on Newstalk.

8. Liz Morcom @lizmorcom

Master of Wine (since 1982-8th woman), wine editor for House & Garden for 13 years, wine consultant to restaurants, and wine educator.

9. Phillip Reedman @PhilipReedman

Helping wineries, importers and retailers to sell more wine. Wine show Judge. editor Australian wine showcase magazine, coffee aficionado.

10. Anne Krebiehl @AnneInVino

Wine writer, cook-gardener-traveller-lecturer-translator and Schnapsdrossel extraordinaire. Also, editor for Alsace, Austria and UK for US Wine Enthusiast.

11. Sarah Heller @SarahHellerMW

Asian #MasterofWine, content creator + wine branding expert.

12. P Scudamore Smith @UncorkCultivate

Wine businessman: Italy & France wine tour leader, Australian corporate wine presenter, blogger, wine journalist, coffee taster, food-wine pairer.

13. Bree M Boskov @winediviner

Writer, educator, wine industry consultant, writer, presenter.

14. Rob Campbell MW @VinoNZ

Wine writer, taster, teacher and occasionally, drinker. Principal wine writer http://TheRealReview.com @therealrvw

15. Greg Sherwood @gregsherwoodmw

London based South African Master of Wine. Buyer at Handford Wines, South Kensington. Blogging daily at http://gregsherwoodmw.com

16. Sarah Marsh @TheEnglishNose

http://TheEnglishNose.com  ‘There’s a world of wine to be explored, so… follow the nose.’

17. Sarah Abbott @SarahAbbottMW

Friendly, curious #masterofwine. MD, Swirl – international marketing for wine. Judge, speaker, writer, and proud co-chair at International @WineChallenge.

18. Pedro Ballesteros @BallesterosMw

Writer, teacher, taster, blender and storyteller. Agrofood Engineer, Master Viticulture and Oenology.

19. Benjamin Lewin @BenLewinMW

Author of books on wine (and science), column in World of Fine Wine, articles in Decanter: debunking wine myths.

20. Matthew Stubbs @MatthewStubbsMW

Writer Director of Vinecole wine school.

21. Doung Frost @winedogboy

Wine fanatic. ‘Drinks for a living and lives to write about it.’

22. Mark Pygott @SniffWine

An English wine-man in UK & Taiwan. Writer, consultant, educator and marketer. http://markpygott.com

23. Phillippa Carr @PhilippaCarrMW

Wine finder and writer. Palate, pen and presenter. Consultant to Spar.

24. Elizabeth Gabay @LizGabayMW

Author of Rosé: Understanding the pink wine revolution’ see https://pink.wine/

25. John Downes @JOHNDOWNESMW

Master of Wine on a mission. Entertaining, speaking, TV, radio and writing.

26. Rose Murray Brown @rosemurraybrown

Journalist, Scotsman columnist, event organiser.

27. Emma Jenkins @IWM_updates

Forthright and independent wine reviews and commentary.

28. Lisa Perrotti-Brown @LisaPBMW

Editor-in-Chief for Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

Masters of Wine – Educators

29. Winematters @winematters_uk

‘Michael Palij MW’s Oxfordshire based wine school. Teaching W.S.E.T. courses and running masterclasses around the globe.

30. Demetri Walters @demetriwalters

Anglo-Cypriot Master of Wine: corporate and private wine tastings and events.

31. Alastair Peebles @Devonwineschool

In the wine trade for over 30 years and a Master of Wine since 1988. Runs DWS and provides courses ranging from basic appreciation to WSET diplomas.

32. Madeline Stenwreth @StenwrethMW

Swedish MW consulting globally to the wine trade. Passion for quality and style development. Inspirational educator, speaker, judge and panel chair.

33. Nancy Gilchrist @NGilchristMW

Independent wine educator; an olive oil and chocolate enthusiast; Matters of Taste.

34. Michelle Cherutti @MicheleCherutti

Master of Wine, wine lecturer, international wine judge, presenter. Based in London, UK.

35. Yiannis Karakasis @ykarakasisMW

Master of Wine, consultant, educator and communicator of Greek wine. In love with Burgundy, Barolo, Naoussa & Santorini.

36. Marcia Waters @MarciaWatersMW

Buys, sells, talks and teaches wine.

37. Mary M McCamic @TheCleverVine

Burgundy addict living and working in Napa. WSET Educator.

38. Anthony Moss @Gibich

Wine educator at WSET, with a passion for listening to and performing classical music.

39. Alison Eisermann @canavit

Wine judge, wine educator, passed MW 2013.

40. Peter McCombie @petermccombie

Kiwi Master of Wine, long-time resident in UK, restaurant wine consultant, writer, teacher, talker.

41. Susan McCraith @SusanMcCraith

Master of Wine, Vintner, consultant, Bristol merchant, coach/mentor.

Masters of Wine – Directors and Consultants

42. David Round @davidroundmw

Master of Wine, wine judge, wine buyer and trainer. Owner of Round About Wine, director at Big Fish Little Fish.

43. Ashley Vaughters @vinovaughters

Mistral Wine Company: sommelier, wine buyer, consultant.

44. Jon Pepper @jonpepper

Buying and retail director at Enotria.

45. Sonal Holland @SonalHolland

India’s first and only Master of Wine. Founder and CEO of @sohowineclub

46. Kenichi Ohashi @KenichiOhashi

Wine and Sake consultant/distributor, Master of Wine.

47. Sam Harrop @samharrop

Consultant, owner Cedalion Wine, Co-chair IWC, Sake Samurai.

48. Andreas Kubach @AndreasKubach

Co-founder and MD @peninsula_wines. German-Spanish. Making wines worth drinking.

49. Robin Kick @RobinKickMW

Fine wine specialist and consultant, vinous explorer, passionate traveller, inquisitive cook, budding photographer and seeker of the obscure!

50. Richard Kershaw @RichardJKershaw

Owner/Winemaker of Richard Kershaw Wines and Naked Winemaker. Making cool climate clonal wines in Elgin, South Africa; wine judge and lecturer.

51. Tuomas Meriluoto @TuomasMW

Master of Wine. Founder, Managing Director and Partner at Winestate Group. Partner at @thehublet & @glutzero

52. Peter Mitchell @petermmw

Wine Director at Jeroboams Group.

53. Neil Sommerfelt @NeilSommerfelt

Wine-buying consultant, wine judge, experienced wine sourcing, respects quality traditions, Plymouth Argyle fan, part-time cyclist & fly fisher.

54. Amy Christine @acloveswine

Co-owner Holus Bolus winery in Santa Barbara County, Sales Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant.

55. Mollie Battenhouse @mbattenhouse

Sales Director @VOS Selections, Wine Expert @WineRing, Certified Wine Educator @WSET, Restaurant & Retail Wine Consultant, Public Speaker.

56. Simon Larkin MW @Simon_Larkin

Managing Director of Atlas Fine Wines. Providing private clients independent advice based on experience and market knowledge.

57. Lynne Coyle @LynneCoyleMW

Wine Director O’Briens Wines.

58.  Daydreamerwines @Daydreamerwines

Daydreamer is a small, organic wine focused, winery based on the Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada. Co-Owner/Winemaker – Marcus Ansems MW.

59. Josh Hoskins @JohnHoskinsMW

Owner of http://www.huntsbridge.com  – The Old Bridge Hotel, Restaurant & Wine Shop. Chairman of the MW exam.

60. Anthony Hanson @ahansonmw

Wine-trader from ’64, Haynes Hanson and Clark @hhandc from ’78, Burgundy writer from ’82, Christie’s 2000-2016, The Fine Wine Experience Hong Kong and on-going.

61. Jeremey Cukierman @JeremyCukierman

Director Kedge Wine and Spirits Academy Wine Advisor All Nippon Airways Journalist Magazine Vigneron Master of Wine Bollinger Medal Winner 2017.

62. Alistair Cooper @alicooper_mw

Master of Wine based in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. Wine consultant, journalist, judge, private and corporate tastings.

63. Derek Smedley @DerekSmedleyMW

Wine Consultant. Over 55 Years of Experience.

64. Norrel Robertson @escoces_volante

Vineyard owner, Master of Wine and Garnachista. Scottish man in Aragón & Madrid, Spain.

65. Morgan Twain Peterson @BedrockWineCo

Owner of Bedrock Wine Co. Lover of California’s vinicultural antiquity.

66. Matt Deller @DellerWine

Chief Operating Officer TOR Wines.

67. David Kesketh @DavidHeskethMW

Managing Director at @ChampagneLPUK.

Masters of Wine – Winemakers and Professionals

68. Billo Naravane @winenut

Winemaker for Rasa Vineyards. Loves to play piano, workout, and draw.

69. Gerard Basset @GerardBassetOBE

Best Sommelier in the World 2010, Master Sommelier, Master of Wine, Bordeaux Wine MBA, OIV MSc in Wine Management, Dog Lover.

70. Becky Hull @beckyhull66

Garden loving Master of Wine, happy mum and dog owner.

71. Alun Griffiths @valmur4

Wine Professional with 38 years trade experience, now working in China.

72. The Mistress of Wine @mistressofwines

AKA Sam Caporn MW http://www.themistressofwine.com

73. Tim Jackson @ABNegative

Master of Wine; marathons, whisky, rowing, rum, cycling mountains, beer, guitar.

74. Sussie Barrie @SusieBarrie

Master of Wine and TV presenter. Also @WineFestWinch. Married to @wineschools. Glass in hand, head in a recipe book.

75. Alex Hunt @AlexHuntMW

Master of Wine, die-hard Pinot-phile, occasional record producer.

76. Michael Brajkovich @BrajkovichMJ

Winemaker, oenologist, wine judge and erstwhile Viticulturist – Kumeu River Wines, New Zealand.

77. Rhys Pender @WinePlus

A Master of Wine who runs a wine school, consults on wine, writes, judges and drinks wine. And co-owns the tiny Little Farm Winery @littlefarmwine.

78. Richard Kershaw @RKershawWines

Clonally selected, cool climate Chardonnay, Syrah & Pinot Noir – made in Elgin, South Africa – Winemaker and Master of Wine.

79. Matthew Hemming @red_wine_baron

Wine guzzler, carnivore and Master of Wine. Enthusiasm for mountain biking.

80. Colin Anderson @VintageColin

‘Hedonism, like nostalgia, ain’t what it used to be. It’s just got a whole lot better.’

81. David Forer @DavidForer

Master of Wine, food lover, dad, husband.

82. Lance Foyster @LanceFoyster

Clark Foyster Wines, MW, loves Portugal, Madeira, Cricket, Greece, Burgundy and Austrian wine. Would be pianist.

83. John Atkinson @atkinson_mw

Taking cold comfort from cool climate viticulture.

84. Cathy van zyl @RSACathyvanZyl

The first South African to pass the Master of Wine examination.

85. Emma Symington @emma_symington

Master of Wine, all round wine geek.

86. Simon Milroy @similroy

‘Master of Wine, works for the WSET, loves all things to do with wine and food, plus a bit of running and cycling.’

87. Lisa Granik @granikmw

Drinking, and thinking about wine; listening to music before & after 1685. Athletic but no athlete.

88. Natasha Hughes @londonvino

Master of Wine, keen traveller. Won prizes at MW graduation.

89. Michele Anderson @MicheleActivate

Shutterfly SVP Retail and head of Consumer Businesses. Master of Wine.

90. Peter Marks @pmarksmw

Master of Wine, Bike rider, family-man.

91. David LeMire @shawandsmith

Adelaide Hills winegrowers. Tweets from David LeMire MW.

92. Catherine Petrie @CatherinePetrie

Cellar-hand works for Goedhuis & Co. Likes Burgundy.

93. Barbara Boyle @BarbaraBDublin

Master of Wine, Wine democrat, work at Wine Mason.

94. Alastair Maling @AlastairMaling

Chief group winemaker & head of viticulture Foley Family Wines.

95. Eugene Mlynczyk @eugene_vin

Fine art, orienteering and Master of Wine: not necessarily in that order.

96. Mick O’Connell @wine_philosophy

Vino Music Sport Politics http://www.garnachanotguerra.com

97. Sarah Knowles @SarahKnowles

Wine and Spirit buyer at The Wine Society.

98. Mary Gorman-Mcadams@gormanmcadams

Market Adviser North America (Bordeaux Wine Council)

99. Kate McIntyre MW @KateandPX

Mornington Peninsula’s 1st MW. Family wine business Moorooduc Estate.

100.Julie C Nyheim @chene_nyheim

Master of Wine from France, MBA, based in Oslo.

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