29 wine gurus you need to follow on Twitter

Posted by Tom Wall

Most of us fancy ourselves as wine aficionados, but who are the real wine specialists in the industry? We’ve put together a list of our favourite Twitter influencers, each of whom is an expert in their chosen field.

So, if you’re on social media and looking for vinspiration, check out some of these accounts and consider your appetite well and truly whetted:

Wine writers and bloggers

Grace Hoffman @Cellarmistress

Grace Hoffman - wine specialist

Grace is a professional wine blogger/advisor and author of the award-winning blog, Cellarmistress’ Cellar Talk.



Margot Savell @WriteforWine

Margot Savell - wine specialist

Margot is a writer, wine blogger and coiner of the phrase ‘it’s wine o’clock somewhere’. She writes about wines from Washington, California, France, New Zealand and more.



Tom Wark @tomcwark

Tom Wark - wine specialist

Tom has spent nearly 25 years in the wine industry. He lives in Napa, California, runs wine PR firm, Wark Communications, and blogs regularly at http://fermentationwineblog.com/.



Alder Yarrow @vinography

Alder yarrow - wine specialist

Alder is the author of James Beard nominated wine blog, Vinography, a celebrated source of independent wine journalism. His adventures mainly take place in the San Francisco area.



Joe Roberts @1WineDude

Joe Roberts - wine specialist

Joe has been providing independent commentary on the wine industry since 2007. He blogs over at http://www.1winedude.com, where the wit is as full and as rich as the wines he reviews.



Denise Medrano @thewinesleuth

Denise Medrano - wine specialist

Denise is a London-based wine blogger. She reviews some of the best wines the capital has to offer over at The Wine Sleuth.



David White @DavidWhiteDC

David White - wine specialist

David is the founder and editor of renowned wine blog, Terroirist. He also contributes to Grape Collective and is a Champagne evangelist.

Wine journalists and authors

Jancis Robinson @JancisRobinson

Jancis Robinson - wine specialist

Jancis is a fountain of knowledge on all things wine lore. She regularly attends industry events and writes about her experiences on both Twitter and her personal website.

Alice Feiring @alicefeiring

Alice Feiring - wine specialist

Alice is a dedicated wine writer. She’s the author of three books: For the Love of Wine, Naked Wine, and Battle for Wine and Love. You can find out more in her newsletter, The Feiring Line.


Wine tasting for beginners CTA

Jamie Goode @jamiegoode

Jamie Goode - wine specialist

Jamie is a wine journalist, book author and flavour obsessive. His blog, Wine Anorak, covers a wide range of industry content, written for both novices and wine nuts alike.


Tim Atkin @Timatkin

Tim Atkin - wine specialist

Tim is an award-winning Master of Wine and prominent journalist. He’s also a renowned wine judge and photographer, who loves to mix wine with music.



Jon Thorsen @ReverseWineSnob

Jon Thorsen - wine specialist

Jon is the founder, owner and president of wine media company, Reverse Wine Snob. Jon rates wine according to a unique scoring algorithm that factors in both taste and cost.


Madeline Puckette @WineFolly

Madeline Puckette - wine specialist

Madeline is the author of the best-selling wine guide, Wine Folly. She is passionate about learning everything there is to know about wine and sharing that knowledge with her followers.


Meg Maker @megmaker

Meg Maker - wine specialist

Meg is a writer, educator and critic, who cares deeply about culture and taste. She founded the wine site Maker’s Table and shares a wealth of industry related content from her personal twitter account.



Eric Asimov @EricAsimov

Eric Asimov - wine specialist

Eric is a wine critic for the New York Times and author of ‘How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto’.



Neal Martin @nealmartin

Neal Martin - wine specialist

Neal is a writer for the Wine Advocate and founder of Wine-Journal. He regularly attends industry events and is the author of the book ‘Pomerol’.

Wine educators and broadcasters

Joe Fattorini @joefattorini

Joe Fattorini - wine specialist

Joe is a wine expert on the smash-hit programme, The Wine Show. He is also one of the UK’s leading wine merchants and author of ‘the most complained about article’ ever published in Decanter Magazine.


Amelia Singer @amelias­­­_wine

Amelia Singer - wine specialist

Amelia is a fellow wine expert on The Wine Show and founder of wine tasting event company, Amelia’s. Her aim is to demystify snobbery in the industry and empower people to make more informed purchases.


Ken Waggoner @alawine

ken Waggoner - wine specialist

Ken shares a host of wine-related new stories and memes from his account, as well as his own pictures and opinions.



Wine Wankers @winewankers

wine wankers - wine specilaists

The Wine Wankers cut through the jargon in search of a genuinely decent glass of wine. They consider themselves the loudest winos on social media, sharing insight from across the Twitterverse.

Wine magazines a websites

Decanter Magazine @Decanter

Decanter - wine specialists

Decanter is one of the world’s most revered wine magazines. Follow their twitter account for a roundup of all the best articles and tips.



Snooth @Snooth

Snooth - wine specialists

Snooth is one of the largest wine sites on the web. It’s an expansive library of reviews and articles on all manner of wine-related topics, with a snapshot of the best curated for Twitter.

Winemakers and wine specialists

Randall Grahm @RandallGrahm

Randall Grahm - wine specialist

Randall is an influential winemaker at Bonny Doon Vineyard and a self-proclaimed vinarchist. He loves to share vineyard news and his latest wine discoveries.


Luis Alberto @TheWineHub

Luis Alberto - wine specialist

Luis is founder and CEO of the #winelover community and an Italian Wine Ambassador. He also runs The Wine Hub, sharing thoughts and knowledge on wine exploration.


Veuve Clicquot @VeuveClicquot

Veuve Clicquot - wine specialists

Veuve Clicquot is one of the most prestigious Champagne houses in the region. Established in 1772, they joined twitter a mere 237 years later, offering a beautiful curation of photos and flavours.


Laura Catena @LauraCatena

Laura Catena - wine specialist

Laura is a 4th generation Argentine vintner and the author of Vino Argentino. Argentinian wines are on the rise and, under Laura’s leadership, Catena Malbec is thriving both in the wine industry and on social media.


Julien Miquel @JMiquelWine

Julien Miquel - wine specialist

Julien is a lover and maker of wine, known for founding worldwide wine community, Social Vignerons.

Sommeliers and restaurateurs

Michael Madrigale @mikemadrigale

Michael Madrigale - wine specialist

Michael is an acclaimed sommelier, having won both Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year and Wine Enthusiast Sommelier of the Year in 2012. He was also a James Beard Finalist in 2014.

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