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Drinkaware app review: my week in wine

Drinkaware - enjoy a glass of wine responsibly

Ever wondered just how much alcohol you’re consuming in a week? If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably no. You feel safer counting in glasses than units and even then it’s easy to let a few slide. But the Drinkaware app has proven to be somewhat of a revelation in my life.


The app is quick and simple to download and takes little input to setup. You have the option of choosing between push notifications, depending on how intrusive you want your new life coach to be. Once the basic tutorial is out of the way, you can begin to log the drinks you’re consuming.


As a wine lover, you’ll probably be interested to know how much your favourite glass of Pinot Noir is costing you. According to the app, a 175ml glass is equivalent to 2.3 units: a price of around £3 or a 1/6th of your recommended weekly intake (14 units).

By logging your alcohol consumption each day you create a barometer of your drinking habits. The app then displays this information in handy comparisons such as ‘number of burgers’ and ‘equivalent running time’.

Most interesting feature

Another useful feature is the ‘weak spot’ function. Drinkaware use the GPS settings on your phone to offer extra support when you reach your favourite pub or restaurant. For some, this may become a love-hate relationship, as it can make nights out a sobering experience. But for others, it can be just the incentive they need to avoid that week-long hangover.

Revelations and epiphanies

As you log more and more drinks, you begin to build a stronger picture of your week in wine. Drinkaware shows you what risk your habits pose (for me it was ‘increasing’) and how many glasses you need to cut to reach a healthier level.

Through my personal experience with the app, I have definitely become more conscious of my drinking choices. Suffice to say, it’s better to kick back now and then with a lovingly crafted bottle of Sauvignon Blanc than it is to consume four burgers worth of supermarket swill.

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