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Pour a glass at a time without pulling the cork.

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Coravin is an amazing system that lets you pour individual glasses or tasting samples from a sealed bottle without exposing the whole bottle to oxygen, so you can enjoy the rest of the bottle another day. It's a must-have for every wine lover.

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Coravin Model One / Model 1 pouring wine

Coravin lets you pour individual glasses from a sealed bottle without opening the whole bottle. Enjoy what you want, when you want.

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Sophisticated design with grey stainless steel finishes. Mix and match glasses and enjoy them without opening a whole bottle.

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Add this gadget to your Coravin and enjoy smoother wines by the glass without having to decant or wait. Perfect for classic wines.

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A little of what you fancy

wine glasses

Taste, no waste

Coravin is perfect for wine tasting. Pour tasting samples and compare different wines without having to open lots of bottles and wasting good wine. We use Coravin for our tastings all the time at Vincarta.

vegetarian wine with vegetarian food

Mix and match

You like red but your partner likes white? Dinner party guests all want Bordeaux with their steak but the vegetarian wants something lighter? Coravin lets you give everyone what they want.

Mirela tasting Pinot Noir

Indulge (in moderation)

Why wait for the weekend to have a glass of something nice? Why keep fine wine in the cellar 'for a special occasion' when you can sip and sample it now. Pour a glass at a time without pulling the cork.

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