Wine glass, grapes and a stethoscope arranged as a still life

The surprising health benefits of wine

Research shows that wine, in moderation, can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, dementia and more. Drink up! It turns out wine is good for you.

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How to choose the perfect wine glasses for your wine

Wine glasses can improve or impair the taste of your wine. We take a look at the best wine glasses for red, white and sparkling wines.

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Interview with Aurelia Vișinescu: doyenne of premium Romanian wine

Vincarta’s Mirela Mart interviews Aurelia Vișinescu, pioneer and doyenne of premium Romanian wine.

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Match wine with food

Perfect pairings: How to match wine with food

Finding the right wine to complement a meal can seem a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Here’s a handy guide to creating a perfect pair, no matter your preference. From vegetarians to seafood lovers, there’s something for everyone.

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Breakfast in Rheingau

The road to Rheingau: riesling, schnitzel and luxury hotels

Wine is liquid hospitality and our first travel memoir is punctuated by visits to famous wine regions and glasses of delight. Welcome to Rheingau in Germany.

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wine specialist

29 wine gurus you need to follow on Twitter

Most of us fancy ourselves as wine aficionados, but who are the real wine specialists in the industry? We’ve put together a list of our favourite Twitter influencers, each of whom is an expert in their chosen field.

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Lovely view of the Pinot Noir vines in the background at Domeniile Sahateni

Aurelia Vișinescu winery visit: premium Romanian wine made with craft and soul at Domeniile Săhăteni

Mirela visits Aurelia Vișinescu, a Romanian wine pioneer and Vincarta idol. We find out what makes her premium wines so special.

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The Ice House Weirdest Winery in Niagara

World’s weirdest wineries: Nine vineyards in impossible places

When you think of vineyards, where does your mind naturally wander? Piedmont and Burgundy are two obvious candidates or perhaps the Napa Valley. But what about Finland or floating vineyards in Thailand?

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Cascina Fontana – traditional Barolo producer

After visiting Manuel Marinacci, we reached the final stop in our day of Barolo wineries with David Berry Green. The trip ended on a high note with a visit to Cascina Fontana, to meet Mario Fontana, a traditional Barolo producer.

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Drinkaware - enjoy a glass of wine responsibly

Drinkaware app review: my week in wine

Ever wondered just how much alcohol you’re consuming in a week? If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably no. You feel safer counting in glasses than units and even then it’s easy to let a few slide. But the Drinkaware app has proven to be somewhat of a revelation in my life.

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Are you allergic to wine? What is wine intolerance? Image shows a dancer protecting herself against red splashes in an abstract silhouette

What causes wine intolerance? Are you allergic to wine?

We continue our series of health-related articles with a look at allergies and wine intolerance. Are you allergic to wine? Sulfites? Tannins?

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Films about wine: Wine bottle poured into a glass seen from below with a backdrop of sky and clouds

11 delicious films about wine you need to watch now

Watching movies and sipping a glass of delicious wine is one of life’s great pleasures. So much better if you’re watching films about wine.

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