vineyard and Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes Region, France

The magnificent 10: top Bordeaux winemakers

The ancient world had its seven wonders but the Bordeaux wine region has its magnificent 10: get Vincarta’s list of the top Bordeaux winemakers.

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High resolution panorama of Transfagarasan highway which crosses Fagaras mountain range at 2,034 meters altitude with Balea glacier lake in Carpathian mountains, Romania.

Romanian wine: 10 essential facts for wine lovers

When it comes to Romanian wine, Jancis Robinson calls Romania ‘the land of hope‘. Learn more about Romanian wine and it’s growing reputation for quality.

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Vista of the Valpolicella countryside and vineyards

10 essential facts about Valpolicella

Hands up who’s heard of Valpolicella? If you’re a wine buff, you might already know a thing or two about the Italian wine-making region. If not, sit back and let us take you on a guided tour. While Tuscany and Piedmont grab the headlines, Valpolicella is a hidden gem just East of Lake Garda, Verona. […]

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Best red wine

How to choose the best red wine

What’s the best red wine? You’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times before. But how do you make that judgment call? Do you ask your local wine clerk or scan the labels for something that sounds familiar or prestigious? The problem with wine recommendations is that they’re often very subjective. What works for […]

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Red wine

Is red wine good for you?

Explore the rumoured health benefits of red wine and the science behind the claims.

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do wines with screw caps age as well as wine with corks?

FAQ: do wines with screw caps age as well as wine with corks?

Do wines with screw caps age as well as wine with corks? Discover what the difference between these two bottling methods means for a wine’s complexity.

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Wine serving temperature

What is the ideal temperature to store and serve wine?

Most people serve red wine at room temperature and white wine straight from the fridge. But is that right? I don’t about you, but this is all seems a bit vague. What does ‘room temperature’ even mean?  Should you ever put red wine in ice? Why does serving temperature even matter? If you take a […]

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What are some wines with low levels of tannin?

FAQ: What are some wines with low levels of tannin?

Lots of people (myself included) prefer low tannin wines. Give us a good Pinot over a robust Cabernet Sauvignon any day. However, a lot of the problem with ‘too much tannin’ turns out to be a problem with ‘badly made wine with poorly integrated or unbalanced tannin’. Before we get to the wine, let’s take […]

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is it OK to return a bottle of wine after you try it

FAQ: Is it OK to return a bottle of wine after you try it?

Most wine these days is well-made, (in almost all cases) sulfited, filtered and/or pasteurised before bottling and sealed with screw caps or reliable corks. In other words, wine faults are relatively rare. And getting rarer. So is it OK to return a bottle of wine after you try it? The simple answer is yes. You […]

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wine selection

FAQ: How do you select a good bottle of wine?

This is the advice I give my friends every time they ask me ‘how do you select a good bottle of wine?’ The offer on the market is huge, so take the time to shop around.  Step #1: understand your preferences Knowing what you like or dislike can help you to eliminate some choices. The […]

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Unusual and delicious food and wine pairings

Matches made in heaven: 8 surprising and delightful wine and food pairings

Popcorn with Cabernet Sauvignon anybody? And what should you pair with chocolate? We have 8 surprising food and wine pairings that you’ll love.

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A morning in Burgundy, visiting Château de Pommard

Matthew and Mirela make a flying visit to Burgundy, taking in a historic chateau winery and a lovely hotel in the heart of Côte de Beaune.

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