Drinkaware app review: my week in wine

Ever wondered just how much alcohol you’re consuming in a week? If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably no. You feel safer counting in glasses than units and even then it’s easy to let a few slide. But the Drinkaware app has proven to be somewhat of a revelation in my life. Usability […]

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Why wine gives you a hangover (and how to avoid it)

Man suffering from a hangover and holding a bottle of wine

Why have you got a hangover? It’s the alcohol, stupid! Learn how your body processes alcohol and the symptoms of excess so you can enjoy wine without pain.

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Cornarea: exploring Piedmont’s less well-known wines

Arneis vines in spring at Cornarea

Wine buffs know Piedmont for its luscious reds, especially Barolo, but that’s not the whole story. We visited Cornarea in May 2016 with David Berry Green to find out more.

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Conterno Fantino: a perfect example of modern Barolo

small church in a village in Barolo

Our first encounter with Conterno Fantino Barolo happened during a WSET tasting. We liked it so much, that we included it on our Piedmont wish list.

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Piedmont and Barolo: Italy’s majestic wine country

Small town in Piedmont with the view of the Alps in the background

Piedmont (Piemonte in Italian) is home to Barolo, Barbera, truffles, Nutella and some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen. What more could a wine lover want?

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Tasting a Romanian indiginous white: Tămȃioasă Romȃnească (Romanian Muscat)

We taste Romanian Muscat – Tămȃioasă Romȃnească – a clone of Muscat Blanc à Petit Grain, an exquisite perfumed grape that is hard to grow but easy to love.

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